The Biggest Benefits Of Traditional Metal Braces

Many years ago, there was only one option when patients were in need of orthodontic care — traditional metal braces. Over the years, different variations and treatment methods have been introduced. Today, one of the most talked about orthodontic treatment options is clear aligners, which begs the question, “Are traditional metal braces still beneficial to patients?” The answer is yes! Most of our patients still receive treatment using traditional metal braces. In fact, there are some patients who are not even eligible for clear aligners for a number of reasons. Traditional metal braces offer a number of benefits to our patients.

Why We Still Love Braces

Are you or a loved one interested in orthodontic treatment, but are undecided which option would be the best choice? With the popularity of social media, certain orthodontic trends such as clear aligner trays are on the rise, but what about traditional metal braces? Have they become totally obsolete? While clear aligner trays do have their benefits, they are not always the best solution for every patient. Today we want to share some of the benefits of choosing traditional metal braces for orthodontic treatment. Continue reading to learn more about this timeless treatment and why it may be the perfect treatment for you.