Patient Testimonials

Alicia Says:

"I've been in the dental business for quite a few years and although I had a nice smile it wasn't perfect...

...I finally decided it was time to go the whole nine yards and get braces for the perfect smile. The clear brackets would definitely help camouflage the fact that I'm getting my teeth straightened. As a matter of fact, I was having lunch with a friend and after awhile she stopped and looked at me. I smiled and said yes I finally decided to straighten my teeth. She replied with "get out of town, I didn't even notice until I paid attention." So having braces as an adult isn't a big of a deal as I thought it might be and in just a few more months I won't have just a nice smile, I will have a perfect one."

Terri Says:

"I had orthodontic treatment when I was a teenager but wasn't very faithful about wearing my retainer...

...It was a retainer that had a metal wire that went across your front teeth and I just did not like the way that it looked. Now that I'm an adult I wanted to go back into them and get them straight the way that they were. When I'm finished with my braces they will give me a clear retainer that I will wear for about three months and then I only have to go to bedtime with it. On the bottom, they will glue a permanent wire in that will last a lifetime. Now that I know that getting my teeth perfect that was just half the battle, the other half is having an invisible retainer that will keep my teeth perfect for a lifetime. Thank you."

Tyler Says:

"I had my braces with The Best Braces...

...I love my orthodontic office because everyone treated me like a pal, not just a patient. And now, I have a smile that rocks! Thank you!"

Wendy Says:

"I decided when I was in my early 30s that I was sick and tired of putting my hand over my mouth when I laughed and never showing my crooked teeth when I smile...

...I went for consultations with three different dentists on it and I really didn't like anything they recommended. I thought correcting crooked teeth was easy to do but unfortunately, that wasn't the whole problem. I actually had a jaw discrepancy issue and straightening my teeth wouldn't correct my bite. To get the smile I always dreamed of would take orthodontics and jaw surgery performed by an oral surgeon. After careful consideration, I decided to go with The Best Braces because I felt they were honest, explained things well, and offered a financial plan that worked for me. After two years of treatment, I was finally able to laugh and smile without being self-conscious. As a result I became more outgoing and confident!"

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