What Happens After Braces?

We know that there is no better feeling than when your braces come off. Some of our patients have been wearing braces for quite a while, and they are full of excitement and big smiles on the day their orthodontic hardware is finally gone. Not that we want to burst anyone’s bubble, but your orthodontic journey doesn’t end the day your braces are removed. Following our after-treatment instructions is just as important as wearing the braces. Continue reading to learn more.

Can I Wear My Retainer If It Is Tight?

There are various stages that patients who go through orthodontic care experience. There are some patients who may need their palate expanded so they need to wear specific hardware to accomplish the desired goal before wearing some form of braces. Other patients may strictly need to straighten their teeth and move straight into braces. No matter how your treatment may begin, every patient who wears braces will need a retainer when their braces are removed.

Don’t Forget This Important Step on Your Journey to Straight Teeth

We know that there is nothing more exciting than the day your braces are finally removed. It is a day that you dream of for many months: the day you can look in the mirror and finally see all the hard work pay off—your teeth are straight and beautiful. Even though you are excited to show off your new smile, it is important to understand that your journey to straight teeth is not over yet. You still need another device to help your teeth remain in this beautiful condition. Continue reading to learn more about the next step in your journey.

What’s Next?

Our patients are always so excited as they near the end of their orthodontic treatment. There is so much to look forward to depending on the type of braces they’ve had. Whether it’s their brand new smile, being able to floss easier or not having to think about removing their clear aligners before they eat, there is much to celebrate. Yet, we like to prepare our patients ahead of time to let them know their treatment may not be completely done even though the braces are off. Read more to find out the next step in orthodontic treatment.

Retainers Help You Retain Your New Smile

Getting your braces off is a big day! You can show off your smile proudly, and you can finally eat what you want — within reason of course. But getting your orthodontics removed is just a step in the journey to a healthy, beautiful smile.

Retainers are worn as the final step in your treatment to prevent your teeth from shifting again after your braces are removed. Let’s look at what retainers do and learn some ways to take proper care of them.