Do You Need Your Bite Adjusted?

When patients visit us for a consultation, many are surprised to learn that we do more than just straighten teeth for aesthetic purposes. Many children and adults also need their bite corrected to prevent problems with their oral health now and in the future. A misaligned bite is also referred to as malocclusion. This occurs when the upper and lower jaws and teeth do not line up properly.

Is There A Perfect Bite?

At The Best Braces, we often hear new patients explain that they want their smile to look perfect. Each person’s idea of perfection is different. When treating patients with orthodontics, we are looking to perfect a person’s bite. Your bite is the way your top and bottom teeth come together when the back teeth are touching. So, is there a “perfect” bite?

Why Do We Recommend An Evaluation For Young Children?

Has it been recommended that you take your child to be evaluated at an orthodontist, and you are surprised because of their age? Long gone are the days when only teenagers and adults received orthodontic care. With the advancements in orthodontic treatment and technology, we have learned that children benefit most from being evaluated and starting treatment at the age of 7. We also think it’s important to note that not every child who visits our office for an evaluation will need to start treatment immediately. Some may need treatment now, while we might monitor others to determine whether they will need treatment at a later time.