Orthodontic Appointments 

Appointment Scheduling Details

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Orthodontic appointments occur at regular intervals of 8 to 10 weeks apart for adjustments.  You can expect these appointments to last approximately 30 minutes. Our schedule is carefully planned so the doctor can give each patient focused attention.  Typically, our longer, more time intensive appointments are scheduled in the mid-morning or early afternoon. This allows us to offer more standard appointments in the late afternoon and early evening.  

What to Expect with Your First Visit

Your initial consultation is FREE and will take approximately 60-90 minutes. We will do a preliminary exam, discuss treatment options, and help you make an informed decision. Please bring your completed new patient forms to the appointment or arrive 15 minutes early to complete them prior to your appointment time.

During Your First Visit:

  • Introduce our team
  • Review your new patient forms. Click here to download
  • Gather pertinent information, and take the necessary photographs and radiographs
  • Perform a clinical examination and go over your initial diagnosis
  • Present you with an optimal treatment plan and the estimated treatment time
  • Review the treatment fee and financial arrangements
  • Schedule your next appointment

After your first visit, you will begin treatment

Second Appointment

This is the first step on your journey to straight teeth! During your second appointment, we will install your appliance (braces, expanders, etc). The process will take less than an hour. We will talk to you about caring for your appliance and will be available to answer any remaining questions you may have about your treatment.

Regular Appointments

Patients are seen by appointment only. For your convenience we have flexible hours.  You will see the orthodontist every 4-8 weeks for adjustments to keep your smile on track. Appointments last 20-40 minutes. Regular orthodontic appointments are important to the progress of your treatment, so it's important to keep your appointment. Please arrive 5 minutes early.

Scheduling Tips:

  • Schedule your next appointment before you leave the office 
  • Be sure to bring your calendar, planner, or smart phone to the appointment
  • Postpone your appointment only if it is an emergency. Missing your scheduled appointments will extend your treatment time

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