Help Avoid Costly Treatments By Choosing Early Orthodontic Care

Were you surprised to learn that your young child was recommended to be seen by an orthodontist during their last hygiene examination? Many years ago, it was commonplace not to visit the orthodontist until your teen years. Many still have this same notion today due to life experience and the depiction of braces-wearing teens on television and movies. Today, our suggestion is for children to visit our office around the age of seven. During your child’s first visit, we are able to determine if treatment should be started.

20 Days Of Holiday Smiles

20 Days Of Holiday Smiles Tis the Season to Smile If you’ve been dreaming of a straighter smile, your holiday wishes are about to come true. We are offering $1000 OFF of full comprehensive orthodontic services when you begin treatment between 12/1-12/20. Still thinking about it? This offer is only available to the first 20…

Be Prepared This Holiday Season

December has arrived, and we can feel the excitement in the air! The holiday season is upon us, and we love hearing about everyone’s plans for holiday parties and get-togethers with family and friends, day trips for when school is closed, plans to visit family, and vacations for escaping the cold weather. No matter what exciting plans you have for this time of year, we want our patients to be prepared if an orthodontic emergency happens. Continue reading for some helpful tips and ways you can be prepared.

What If I Don’t Get Braces and I Need Them?

At The Best Braces, we know that orthodontic treatment is a big commitment, financially and with your precious time. We inspect each potential patient’s mouth thoroughly using various pieces of technology, and we do not make recommendations lightly. If we suggest a treatment plan for you or your family, please know that it is truly needed and will not only improve the esthetic appearance of your smile, but will also benefit your oral health and eliminate the potential for considerable long-term damage to your teeth. If you are having second thoughts about going through with the treatment we recommended, we encourage you to continue reading about the importance of orthodontic treatment.

Why We Still Love Braces

Are you or a loved one interested in orthodontic treatment, but are undecided which option would be the best choice? With the popularity of social media, certain orthodontic trends such as clear aligner trays are on the rise, but what about traditional metal braces? Have they become totally obsolete? While clear aligner trays do have their benefits, they are not always the best solution for every patient. Today we want to share some of the benefits of choosing traditional metal braces for orthodontic treatment. Continue reading to learn more about this timeless treatment and why it may be the perfect treatment for you.

Why is Oral Hygiene Important While Wearing Braces?

At The Best Braces, our team continuously stresses the importance of maintaining proper oral hygiene. It is important for patients to realize the care they put into their oral health while wearing braces can affect the health of their teeth for many years to come. Lack of oral hygiene can greatly disrupt your current treatment plan and lead to complications, emergencies, and additional treatment time.

Don’t Let Your Braces Stop You This Halloween!

Are you wondering if you are going to be able to enjoy Halloween while wearing braces? We are happy to tell you that of course you can enjoy the holiday; however, your indulgences may need to look a little different than in previous years. Being that Halloween is centered around sugary treats, it is important to be mindful of your choices while wearing braces. It is even possible to incorporate your braces into your Halloween fun. We want to offer a friendly reminder of treats that are safe to choose and those that should be left behind. Read on to see if your favorite treats made the list and how your braces can play a fun role in your celebrations!

Meet a Valued Team Member – Barri

One of the reasons our patients love coming to The Best Braces is because of our outstanding team. From the moment you walk through the doors into our reception area and then into our treatment rooms, every team member is committed to making your experience exceptional. Every member of our team works together to help our office run smoothly to ensure that we provide the care that you need. We want to take some time this month to help you learn a little more about one of our dedicated team members, our patient coordinator Barri.

Hear First Hand What Patients Like You Have To Say

Our goal is to help our patients feel more confident and have a better smile. Nothing makes us happier than receiving feedback that, because of the treatments we provide, our patients have a new outlook on life. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with some of our patients to hear their thoughts on our office and the care we provide. We hope that you will click here to watch the video and read more about our office and team. If you know of a family member or friend who is in need of orthodontic care, be sure to share with them as well.

When Is It The Right Time To Visit The Orthodontist?

Are you considering braces for yourself or a loved one? If so, you might be wondering when is a good time to visit the orthodontist. The easiest answer is whenever you have a question about your bite, or alignment of the teeth. However, the answer truly is more complicated than that. There are times, especially for young children, when bite and jaw issues aren’t as obvious as when children enter adolescence or even adulthood. We also hear from adults interested in orthodontic care who feel like they are too old to visit us for a consultation.