Two Phase Orthodontic Treatment

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Our two-phase orthodontic approach combines tooth straightening with physical growth and facial changes.

By working with your child’s own growth and development timeline, we are able to create healthy, functional and beautiful smiles that last a lifetime. This two-phase approach reduces the actual time to wear braces on average from 24 months to 15 months.

Phase One: Setting the Foundation

The goal of phase one is to correct jaw issues. In phase one, the orthodontist improves the alignment of the jaws and create space for adult teeth to come in. Treatment generally lasts about 9 months. Candidates for early orthodontic treatment include:

  • Children over the age of six with an upper jaw that is too large or too narrow.
  • Children over the age of eight with crowded teeth

Treating the above conditions early on will prevent the need to remove permanent teeth to relieve crowding or surgery to realign jaws. 

What to expect during your child’s first orthodontic visit:

Your child’s first appointment will include making orthodontic records including; x-rays, models of the teeth, and photographs. These items are necessary to determine if early orthodontic intervention is necessary as well as the types of appliances that will be used. The duration of treatment time, and how often you will need to visit.

Supervision Period:
Let nature take its course 

In this phase, we let the remaining teeth come in naturally. There are some instances when we may choose to remove baby teeth in order to allow the permanent tooth to erupt without the interference of a stubborn baby tooth. During this time, we simply monitor the progress of the teeth at six-month intervals and correct any problems that may develop.

Phase Two: Braces 

The goal of phase two is to align the teeth and jaw. This is where the movement happens. At the end of treatment, each tooth is in place and there is harmony with the cheeks, tongue, lips and other teeth. Then, retainers are worn to solidify the new smile and ensure its longevity. Treatment usually lasts an average of 15 months when following phase one treatment. 

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